Portside Java Subscriptions

Sometimes you just want your coffee to show up...

Would you like freshly roasted, gourmet coffee delivered to your doorstep each month? Portside Java now offers a subscription service for businesses and individuals.

Save time and money with a coffee subscription. Subscribers will receive the convenience of ordering once and receiving coffee on a set schedule. There is no risk. You may cancel anytime by emailing annaweigand@portsidejava.com.

We will arrange payment with you over the telephone for your security; please do not transmit credit card information through this web form. After completing the form, if you have any additional questions, call us at (615) 604-0021.

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We will grind your coffee for you upon request for an additional $0.25 per bag.
Which Coffees would you like? *
Subscribers will receive 12oz of whichever coffee(s) they choose with an additional $7.25 per order for shipping.
Please provide information concerning how much coffee you drink. If you know how many bags of each coffee you need, please specify here. Alternatively, if you provide general information about how much coffee you need to brew, we can assist you with determining how many bags to order. For example, "we brew three pots of coffee daily for a small business with 5 employees."