Why Coffee Fundraisers?

  • America is a coffee drinking nation.  Almost every household, office and business buys and brews coffee.
  • Coffee is easy to sell, reasonably priced and profitable for your organization's fundraiser.
  • Coffee has a stable shelf life and is easy to handle and deliver.
  • Specialty coffee is one of the “hottest” (no pun intended) selling products in America.

We make it fun and easy for every organization to achieve fundraiser success using Portside Java. Whether your group is an athletic team, Scout organization, school or church, we pledge our best effort to making your next fundraiser everything you want it to be. Your supporters will love you when you deliver a top quality product for a reasonable price. In fact, once they try Portside Java, they will probably want to know how they can re-order.

Portside Java’s Coffee Fundraising Program

  •  Training for all your salespeople to maximize sales.
  •  No up-front cost to your organization.
  •  All materials to conduct successful fundraiser provided by Portside Java.
  •  Orders sorted by salesperson, and then by product for easy delivery.
  •  No hidden cost.
  •  Simply remit the orders with payment and deliver a quality product to a very happy group of supporters.

To discuss your organization’s fundraiser call:

Capt. Scott Howard

(615) 604-0021